The Massetani brothers founded their company in Florence in 1984, choosing the name ´Il Crogiolo´.

A name – a story: a ‘crogiolo’ is in fact a melting pot used for fusing metals, drawing its inspiration from an activity that has been pursued with the same level of dedication for over twenty years.

Since its very beginning, Il Crogiolo has partnered with many of the most renowned Italian and foreign brands of high-end fashion, for which it has produced a variety of applications for leather goods.

Passion, craftsmanship, taste and research are the essential elements that serve as a binding force between style and technique, which remain our very well guarded secrets.

One by one, the accessories come to life from the machinery and professionalism of our expert team. With extreme attention to detail, we therefore arrive at a manufacturing excellence that perfectly reflects the designer’s ideas.

Our articles set us apart and our experience enhances us. Our business philosophy is to build a trusted partnership with our customers, offering our fullest availability and a readiness to work together from the moment we meet to the conclusion of the manufacturing process.