Once a sample collection has been approved, we proceed with the production proper of the accessories.

We produce a variety of products, among which are:

  • Buckles, buttons, latch mechanisms, keychains, trimming featuring rhinestones and semi-precious stones, enamel accessories, various applications such as trademark symbols, presser feet, loops, handles, studs and zipper pulls.

Every item can be created with a different material, depending on the customer’s stylistic and objective needs.

Our expert craftspersons are specialized in the use of professional tooling machinery in the processing of all materials. We’re therefore capable of modelling:

  • Brass, gold, wood, silver, Plexiglas, zinc alloy.

These materials are processed using specific tooling machinery, such as CNC machining centers, headstock lathes, Nd Yag laser, casting techniques, hot pressing and traditional handcrafted engraving. We then proceed with all of the other phases of production, starting with enamelling – using special baking ovens, plated finishing – for direct tinting on metal, and buffing – which provides the proper surface polishing of each object. In all these production processes, we strive to maintain the highest level of craftsmanship and utmost perfection for each manufactured item. Our production essentially depends on the type of accessory, and especially on the complexity of the design, implying the possibility of different processing techniques and production times, which can vary in terms of quantity and delivery times. Our customers are well aware that our production processes fully respect environmental regulations, making use of technologies that avoid any form of unnecessary waste.