During the entire production process, we constantly apply meticulous control measures to verify the outcome of each and every piece.

It is absolutely essential that all manufactured parts are free of imperfections, which is why, in addition to the visual checks by our expert operators, we make use of microscope controls.

These controls use precision instruments to guarantee the highest quality for all accessories, before they are packaged in a protective film wrap. In fact, the type of wrapping depends on the specifications of the manufactured items.

Furthermore, for accessories whose structure is more complex, such as closing mechanisms applied to leather handbags, we perform specific technical controls to ensure perfect functionality.

During the quality control stage, load tests and various stresses are performed on the object, so as to ensure strength and a proper opening and closing mechanism.

These controls are conducted in-house in our dedicated production area.

Lastly, we re-test the fitting and practicality of all accessories, already analyzed during the design phase, in order to ensure a correct balance between size, weight and the curvature of each piece.

In fact, each item must display a suitable and satisfactory fitting in order to be properly applied and supported by its leather support.